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Mortgage for Large HMO Properties up to 20 Rooms

Low Fixed Rate for 5 Years

Suitable for large HMO & Multi Unit Block Investment Properties

Suitable for HMO properties with up to 20 rooms and Multi-Unit properties with up to 20 flats in 1x freehold. Applicants should have a minimum of 3 years current letting experience. No minimum period in employment. Limited Company applications accepted (must be an SPV).

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Pay Rate2.95%
Rate Description2 Year’ Fixed Rate
Reverting RateSVR currently 5.60%
Expiry2 years
Security ChargeFirst charge basis
Maximum LTV75%
Minimum Property Value£100,000
Minimum Loan Size£30,000
Maximum Loan Size£500,000 to 75%
£1,000,000 to 70%
£2,000,000 to 65%
Maximum Mortgage Term25 years
Income Requirements£25,000 pa (sole or joint)
Accepted Property TypesHMO & Multi-Unit properties in England, Scotland, & Wales
Property Types Cont.Ex-council houses and flats accepted, some flats over commercial considered
Tenancy TypesSingle or Multiple AST
Rental Stress Test130% @ 5.50%
Product Reference43990

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