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2 Year Discount Rate at 4.89% on 85% LTV for Single BTL

Residential Investment Mortgage 85% LTV no Minimum Income

2 year discount rate for single family dwelling residential investment with generous rental cover . Lender fee can be added to the mortgage and no early repayment charges.

Family gifted deposit allowed. Maximum mortgage term of 35 Years. No minimum personal income requirements. Allows ex-council houses and flats.

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Pay Rate 4.89%
Rate Description 2-year discount (variable)
Reverting Rate SVR
Expiry NA
Security Charge First charge basis
Maximum LTV 85%
Lenders Fee 2.5% (can be added to loan) for 85% LTV Lending
Minimum Property Value NA
Minimum Loan Size £75,000
Maximum Loan Size £3,000,000
Maximum Mortgage Term 35 years
Income Requirements No minimum income requirements but income must be provable
Accepted Property Types Residential letting houses and flats in England and Wales.
Property Types Cont. Available to ex-council houses (exc. flats). No bedsits. Not for flats in freehold house. Flats over commercial accepted. maybe LTV restriction on some property classifications
Tenancy Types Single AST only. DSS tenants accepted. Not accepted: Corporate tenants accepted inc local authority and housing association contracts.

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85% LTV 2 Year Discount 4.89%

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