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Bridging Finance: Short Term Property Funding

Fast Flexible Short-Term Secured Finance for any Purpose

London and the South East

We can arrange facilities funding projects in the City of London and liquid locations within the M25. Preferential terms and rates can be offered to borrowers seeking to invest within London and select locations in the South East


Fast Fexible Short-Term Secured Finance for any Purpose

Bridging finance is short-term lending secured on property or land as an interim solution while other long term finance arrangements are made, or while property transactions are completed.

Lending can be provided in situations where conventional mortgage lenders are unable to advance funds. Where timing is crucial to securing the deal, a bridging loan can also be provisioned much faster.

Bridging is very often the facility of choice for property investors who need to act fast with ‘cash-buyer’ status. With flexible underwriting, bridging can accommodate a wide array of situations and applicant status, and can allow for a very diverse range of property constructions than conventional forms of secured lending. Short-term bridging facilities can be arranged for completions in just days rather than weeks, and may be available for durations from 1 day or up to 24 months. Loan size starts from £25,000 up to £15 million, with larger facilities also available by negotiation. Applicants can be private individuals or corporate entities and partnerships.


Bridging for HMOs and Multi-Unit Accommodation

We can assist clients in the purchase of mixed use and multi unit property where the accommodation needs remedial work or renovation before it can be tenanted to produce rental income. While conventional mortgages cannot lend on non-lettable property, we can provide dedicated HMO and Buy to Let refurbishment bridging finance.

We can also provide short term finance for purchase of former Public houses or Bed & Breakfast accommodation with the intention of converting into flats or multi room HMOs. Conversion work can also include structural changes and internal reconfiguration. Lending can also be given on buildings where planning consent has not been formally issued for its conversion or change or use.

Accepted Property

Bridging Finance is available on virtually all types of property

Semi-Commercial Property
Commercial Investment Property
Residential Investment Property
Apartment Blocks
Land with or without Planning Permission
Office Buildings
Retail Premises
Bed & Breakfast and Hotels
Licensed Premises
Residential Care Homes
Nursing Homes
Flats Above Fast-Food Premises
Non-Standard Construction

Exit Finance Arranged

We work with our clients to arrange suitable exit finance to repay the bridging loan when it comes to the end its agreed term. Facilities we offer include:

Buy to Let Mortgage
HMO Mortgage
Secured Loan
Residential Mortgage
Development Finance
JV Funding
Commercial Mortgage
Asset Finance
Structured Finance

Rates and Criteria

Summary of our rates and criteria for bridging finance on short term property lending:

Loan size from £25,000 to £15 million
Loan duration 1 Day – 24 months
Interest payments can be monthly or retained
Interest roll-up facility
1st, 2nd and 3rd Legal Charge
No minimum income
Bankruptcy, arrears, defaults, and CCJs
Limited Companies, Sole Traders and private individuals
Non-status considered
Market leading rates from 0.65%
Funds available within 7 days<

6 Months Refinance

Renovated properties can be refinanced based on the increased property value within 6 months of the original date of purchase. This facility is ideal for property traders who need to reinvest their cash in new projects.

Application Process

We work quickly to provide you with a lending decision in principle and to prepare your application for submission to the selected bridging lender.

Please contact us by telephone or fill out our online bridging loan enquiry form.

Upon receipt of your enquiry, we will carry out an initial appraisal to establish your funding requirements in order to arrange the most suitable facility to meet your objectives.

Uses of Bridging Finance

Funding can be used for a wide range of purposes including the following:

Property Acquisition
Auction Purchases
Property Renovation
Property Conversions
Land Acquisition
Title Deed Split or Merger
Paying off Bankruptcy, Arrears, IVA’s
Below Market Value Purchase
Avoiding Reposession
Planning Gain Transactions
Overseas Investment
Inheritance Tax
Purchase of Unmortgageable Property
Purchase Chain Breaking
Lease Extension

Bridging Loan Uses

Property Renovation

Bridging loans can be used to buy properties requiring renovation, or to raise capital on an existing property in order to fund the renovation work. Applications are fast and simple.

Auction Funding

This is one of the most common uses of bridging loans, as properties can be bought in any condition even if planning consent is required and loans can be arranged very quickly.

Chain Breaking

Selling a property often involves a chain of others buying and selling. If one sale breaks down, a bridging loan can be used to ensure the onward purchase can still take place until a new buyer is found.

Land and Plot Finance

It can be very difficult to arrange a mortgage on a piece of land, but bridging loans can be used to secure the purchase of the land or plot while allowing time for any planning permission, or change of use to be granted.

Unmortgagable Properties

No kitchen, no bathroom, and a host of other problems make these properties impossible to mortgage, so a bridging loan is a way of funding the purchase until the property has been improved.

Fast Capital Raising

Possibly to assist cash-flow in a business, buy stock, avoid bankruptcy, avoid repossession, buy-out a partner, or to assist in another property purchase by providing a deposit.

Case Study: Funding for a Lease Extension

A client approached us for a Buy to Let mortgage to purchase a flat in South London for £395,000.

The flat was being presented as below market value for the street, however, this was due to a short lease of just 39 years making it unmortgageable for high street lending. A lease extension to give it a new 125 year lease was negotiated by the clients solicitors to cost £55,000 and an independent survey confirmed an uplift in value to £540,000 in its current condition.

We were able to provide a first charge bridging loan to purchase the property along with a second charge bridging facility on the client’s main residence to raise the deposit and cost of lease extension. Once the flat was purchased and the new lease secured we were able to remortgage the flat with a Buy to Let mortgage at 85% LTV of £459,000 that was used to repay the bridging facilities. Deposit: £118,500 Lease: £55,000 Total required: £173,500

Remortgage BTL: Valuation: £540,000
Mortgage: £459,000 (85% LTV)

Purchase price: £395,000
1st Charge Bridging Loan : £276,500
(70%LTV) Bridging loan secured on main residence: Value: £895,000
Mortgage: £225,000
2nd Charge Bridge (60 Day): £173,500

Case Study: Funding Conversion of Uninhabitable Property

An existing client approached us requiring finance to purchase a property from auction. The property was uninhabitable in its current form and required heavy refurbishment before it could be mortgaged. The auction house was inviting bids over £160,000.

Our client was already established as a property developer and intended to convert the property into 4 self contained flats which would value at around £125,000 each with an estimated conversion cost of £95,000 We were able to provide a first charge 70% LTV bridging loan to purchase the property upon a successful final bid of £189,000.

We were also able to remortgage one of his existing investment properties to raise an additional £80,000 towards the cost of conversion.

6 Month Heavy Refurbishment Bridging Facility

Purchase price: £189,000
1st Charge Bridging Loan : £132,300

(70%LTV) Monthly rate of 0.85 per month.  After converting the property, the bridging loan was switched to a term mortgage product at 75% LTV.

Bridging Loan Calculator