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HMO Mortgages for Large HMO Properties 20+ Rooms

Situational Profile

Larger HMO properties tend to be purchased by professional landlords wishing to add to their existing property portfolio. Lenders normally require applicants to have experience in letting HMO properties. Any configuration of internal layout and accommodation can be considered, including properties with multiple kitchens.

  • Large HMO with up to 20 – 25 letting rooms
  • Blocks of flats in 1x freehold title
  • Properties converted into bedsits and studio apartments
  • Properties with more than 1 kitchen

HMO Property Specialist Lenders

HMO properties with more than 8x letting rooms require specialist lenders. We can help by selecting the correct mortgage from a panel of such lenders, suitable for any size of HMO property with up to 20 or 25 letting rooms, but more can be accommodated.

We can arrange mortgages that will allow corporate lets to local authorities and housing associations and also company lease arrangements. Properties can either have shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, or they can have cooking facilities in rooms (studio apartments) in fact any combination of accommodation can be considered.

Types of Property

Properties with up to 25 letting rooms are accepted. Blocks of flats, studios and or bedsits in one freehold or leasehold title, with 20x units, or more are also acceptable. Properties above commercial premises are acceptable. Student cluster block accommodation is acceptable. Larger properties with over 25 units can also be considered.

  • Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO)
  • Tenants can be students, or working professionals
  • Single AST and Multiple AST tenancy agreements accepted
  • Property in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Properties with or without a HMO Licence
  • Flats and maisonettes above commercial premises accepted
  • En-suite facilities in rooms are accepted
  • Cooking facilities in rooms accepted
  • Shared kitchen and bathroom facilities accepted
  • HMOs with up to 25 letting units accepted
  • Mixed unit accommodation of flats, studios and bedsits

Applicant Profile

Applicants should have at least 3 years letting experience and should be owner occupiers. Applicants should also have experience in HMO property. In some cases, professional landlords who are not owner occupiers can be accepted. Applicants should be able to demonstrate good level of personal income and net worth. A clean credit history is required.

  • UK Passport Holder or UK Driving License
  • Evidence of deposit funds ( Bank statement )
  • Clean credit history
  • Some minor and historic adverse credit can be considered
  • Applicants can be employed, self employed, or retired
  • Previous letting experience
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of personal income

General Lending Criteria

Mortgages are available for purchase, or remortgage up to 75% of purchase price, or property value. Up to 85% LTV is available for blocks of flats in one freehold title. Capital raising is allowed for any legal purpose. Applicants can be individuals, or Limited Companies. Lending in England, Scotland & Wales.

  • Purchases or Remortgage
  • Interest only or capital + interest repayment mortgage
  • Properties located in England, Wales & Scotland accepted
  • Up to 85% LTV for blocks of flats in one freehold title
  • Capital raising for any legal purpose
  • Limited company applications accepted

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