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Bridging Loan Lending Process

7 Steps to Securing Bridging Finance

1. Online or Telephone Enquiry

Contact us by phone or online form. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and chat through the finance options without any obligation for you to proceed. If there are alternative lower overall cost routes to securing the finance you need we will present you all available option available.

2. Decision in Principle AIP

Once we have identified the most suitable form of funding and on your instruction we will submit your details to the chosen lender for a lending decision. All cases are considered on their own merits. We can provide a decision in principle same day by telephone and in writing by email. This will also illustrate the terms of the proposed facility in full.

3. Application

Proceeding with the loan we complete the formal application and collect the required documentation from you. The lender will receive the details electronically so they can begin processing the same day.

4. Legals Instructed

The lender will instruct their legal department to send the required legal papers to your solicitor for completion.

5. Valuation

We arrange the valuation of the property with you and collect the valuation fee. The lenders surveyor will then conduct a valuation of the security property and electronically send the report to the lender. The lender may also need to meet the borrower face-to-face for larger loan facilities

6. Offer of Loan Issued

The lender issues a formal offer of loan with documentation to sign

7. Completion

Solicitor will finalise the legal due diligence process required for release of funds and with securing the legal charge over the property and request funds transfer from the lender to complete the transaction.

Expedited Priority Applications

For priority cases needing to complete in 48 hours, stages may be run in parallel to speed up processing times and minimise delay. It is imperative that all requested documentation is forwarded to the lender as soon and the lender starts underwriting. In some circumstances, existing valuations can be re-written and used for the loan.

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