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Buy to Let Mortgage for Non Licenced Student Share House HMO

Buy to Let Mortgages Suitable for Non Licenced Student Shares

Each local authority will have specific guidelines to determine when a property requires an HMO licence. In some areas, properties will automatically be required to be licensed as an HMO if they are let to more than one tenant and where the property has shared facilities.

In other areas, local authorities will stick to the generic description of an HMO, which is a property with 5 or more tenants sharing facilities and where the property has 3 or more storeys. You should check with the local authority as to when a property is required to have an HMO licence. Some lenders will only lend where the student tenants jointly sign a single Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST). Other lenders will accept individual AST agreements.


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Situational Profile

For applicants looking to buy an investment property specifically for letting to students. Any size property with, or without an HMO licence can be accommodated. Lending options available for properties anywhere in the UK.

Licensed or non licensed HMOs
Student share houses
Mixed-unit properties (Containing self-contained flat or studio)


Applicant Profile

Applicants should have owned their main residence, or an investment property (BTL or HMO) for at least 6 months. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a good level of personal income. A clean credit history is required. Applicants should be a minimum age of 18 and have been at least 3 months in current employment, or 12 months as self employed. The usual income requirements are for applicants to have minimum incomes of between £20,000 and £25,000 per annum, but options are available for applicants with lower annual incomes.

UK passport or UK driving licence as ID
Mortgage options available for foreign nationals
Evidence of deposit funds (bank statement)
Employed or Self Employed
Good credit history (Light adverse may be accepted)
Options for adverse credit
Previous letting experience not always required
Applicants should either own home or investment property
First-time landlords may also be accepted

Types of Property

Properties with up to 8 letting rooms are acceptable. Properties should have no more than 1x kitchen (for properties with multiple kitchens see Mortgage suitable for Student let HMO). Tenants can have individual tenancy agreements, or sign jointly to 1x AST

Single Residential Buy To Let Houses
Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO)
Tenants can be students, or working professionals
Single AST Jointly signed by sharing tenants
Tenants can have individual tenancy agreements
Shared kitchen and bathroom facilities acceptedUp to 8 letting rooms per property
Property in England, Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland

General Lending Criteria

Mortgages are available for purchase, or remortgage up to 85% of purchase price, or property value. Some mortgages with no lender’s arrangement fee. Options with no early repayment charge (ERC).

Purchases or remortgage
Interest only or capital + interest repayment
Properties located in all of the UK accepted
Capital raising for any legal purpose
Limited company applications accepted


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Non-licensed properties only. No maximum number of students. Maximum 75% LTV
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Non-licensed properties only. Maximum of 4x students. Maximum 75% LTV
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Maximum 8x rooms let, or 4x self-contained flats in the title. Maximum 75% LTV
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Maximum 8x rooms let, or 4x self-contained flats in the title. Maximum 80% LTV
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Applicants must be experienced landlords. No proof of income. Maximum 65% LTV
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Maximum 8x rooms let, or 4x self-contained flats in the title. Maximum 85% LTV
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Allows up to 5x letting rooms. Options with no lender fee. Low valuation fees