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Buy to Let Mortgages

Find Mortgage Deals for Buy to Let

Buy to Let Mortgages from 1.43% pa

Professionally Sourced Buy to Let mortgages

We compare over 1,400 buy-to-let mortgages from a wide panel of over 41 lenders including specialist, commercial and high-street lenders. Using the details you have provided we will filter down to the most competitive interest rates that fit your requirements. Receive a personalised table of the mortgage products available to fit your requirements and property letting type.
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Mortgage Solutions for Residential Property Investors

100% BTL mortgage to purchase with additional security
Mortgages for ExPat investors
SPV and Limited Company mortgages
Property renovation and refurbishment lending
Portfolio structured refinance

Residential Property Mortgage Solutions for Investors

Shared houses with single or multiple AST’s
First time landlords
Let to buy mortgages
Corporate lease arrangements
Flats above commercial

Other Services we Offer for Residential Property Investors

Independent valuation & property surveyor instructions
Fixed cost legal conveyancing & price comparison
Landlord insurance services
Bridging for BMV purchase
Renovation and refurbishment finance


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Mortgages for HMOs

When a number of tenants are residing in the same property many mainstream Buy-to-let lenders will view this as a HMO even when it does not necessarily fall within HMO legislation under the local authority. There are many BTL products available for share house HMOs as well as for large HMO multi-unit property with lending on a commercial basis.

Rental Income

The amount of rental income generated by the property should exceed your mortgage repayments by a certain percentage this margin of rental coverage differs between lenders, as a rule of thumb you should allow for around 120% to 130% of the monthly mortgage repayments.

How Much can I Borrow?

Most lenders will advance up to 80% of the property value and some up to 85% LTV. The majority of mortgage lenders will assess buy-to-let mortgages on the strength of the rental income produced by the property. So depending on the strength of the rental income to support the repayments you may be able to borrow the entire 85%.

Buy-to-Let Deposit Amount

You will need to fund a cash deposit against the property you are buying. The majority of Buy-to-Let lenders require 15-25% of the property value. The following sources of funds are acceptable

Cash savings deposit
Remortgaged capital raised
Family gifted deposit
Vendor gifted deposit

Buy-to-Let for Limited Company SPV

Buying a property through a limited company or SPV might be more tax efficient for higher rate tax-payers, while also providing a degree of asset protection.

Existing trading Ltd company
Special purpose vehicle SPV’s
Start up Ltd companies

BTL Mortgage Lenders

We have access to the whole of the market to provide landlords mortgages for properties let as HMOs. Lenders we utilise range from mainstream Buy-to-let mortgage lenders to Commercial mortgage lenders offering finance for large HMO properties.

Regional Lending

We can arrange lending throughout England, Scotland and Wales as well as properties located in Northern Ireland.

Common HMO Types

We also arrange short-term and mortgage finance for converting existing dwellings into HMOs or converting property into self-contained flats.

A house share or flat share
Student accommodation
A converted house split into bedsits

BTL Mortgages for the Self-Employed

When you are self-employed getting a buy to let mortgage does not have to be so difficult, lending criteria has relaxed somewhat over the past few years and more lenders are wanting to attract new business from self-employed applicants. We can offer flexibility on proof of income when mortgaging a buy to let property