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Just enter your search requirements and filter over 1000 mortgage products. Apply additional filters to narrow the choice of lenders and mortgages to see all potential mortgages that meet your requirements. Click on any product to see full details of the mortgage you like best. Any of these mortgages can be applied for online and we do not charge any fees for this facility.

You’ll find a useful helpline with knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to assist you if you have any queries, or if you encounter any problems. Once you have found the mortgage you prefer, you can complete an application form on-line and submit it for processing. One of the processing team will then contact you by phone to confirm a few details.

A lending decision is usually obtained within 24 hours and you’ll receive confirmation by email. You’ll be provided with a list of requirements from the lender and you’ll be provided with a secure link to pay any valuation / application fees if applicable.

This service is provided completely free of charge and you can use it as often as you like.

Let Us Do It For You

If you would prefer us to do everything for you, we can provide a bespoke service comprising all of the following features:

  • Discuss your circumstances and requirements in full, usually by telephone, and/or email.
  • Search the market and find the most appropriate mortgage for you.
  • Send you a full mortgage illustration and ask for your comments and/or queries.
  • Complete a mortgage application for you over the phone and send it to you for signing.
  • Submit your application for processing and obtain the lender’s decision in principle.
  • Deal with any queries you may have and guide your application to completion.

We charge a modest fee for this bespoke service, usually £89 for a decision in principle, plus an arrangement fee of £399 after the mortgage has completed. For complex Buy to Let cases, the arrangement fee can be up to a maximum of 1% of the mortgage amount.

We will inform you of the applicable fee at the outset (after stage 1 above). We will be pleased to progress your application at your preferred pace.

Please call our experienced adviser today on 0330 173 6570 to discuss your requirements.

Types of Property Accepted

  • All types of leasehold or freehold properties
  • Houses, flats, studio apartments
  • Flats above shops, restaurants, or fast food takeaways
  • Property located in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Here’s a Few Tips to Help You

Calculation to show the minimum monthly rent required for any given mortgage amount:

Mortgage required x the interest rate x 125% ÷ 12

The interest rate is usually the interest rate of the mortgage product you’ve chosen. However, some lenders use a notional rate which is shown in the specific mortgage details of each product.

Calculation to show the maximum mortgage from any given monthly rent:

Annual rent ÷ the interest rate ÷ 125%

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