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Landlord Mortgages – Debt Service Cover Ratio

LenderLTVFactorRateProduct Type
State Bank of India60%125%2.65%5 Year Fixed
Buckinghamshire B.S.75%132%2.94%Discount
State Bank of India75%125%3.15%5 Year Fixed
Zephyr75%125%3.20%5 Year Fixed
Precise75%125%3.39%5 Year Fixed
Masthaven75%125%3.39%5 Year Fixed
Paragon80%125%4.00%5 Year Fixed
Zephyr80%125%3.86%5 Year Fixed
Vida80%125%3.99%5 Year Fixed
The Mortgage Lender80%125%4.25%5 Year Fixed

Best DSCR (Debt Service Cover Ratio) for Landlord Mortgages

The rates published on this page are currently the best in the market for buy to let products offering the most generous rental calculation. Rental stress tests can make a big difference to the amount applicants may actually borrow based on the rental income generated by the property.

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