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Lenders Landlord Products with no Early Repayment Charges

Lenders Landlord Products with no Early Repayment Charges

Best landlord mortgage products that have no early repayment charges ( ERCs). These products provide an added degree of flexibility to landlords who may want to redeem the mortgage early, repay lump sums, or remortgage to raise additional capital before the end of the product rate period.

The rates we publish on this page are currently the best in the market offering no ERCs .

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5 Years

Lenders Best Rates for Buy-to-let Mortgage Products with no Early Repayment Charges



Interest Rate

Rate Term

Product Type

Early Repayment Charge

Godiva65%2.39%31/10/18Fixed RateNil
Leeds Building Society60%2.50%31/07/18Fixed RateNil
Newcastle Building Soc75%2.69%31/08/16DiscountNil
Hinckley & Rugby B.Soc75%2.74%2 YearsDiscountNil
Kent Reliance65%3.59%2 YearsDiscountNil
Axis Specialist Finance75%3.69%2 YearsTrackerNil
Landbay75%4.57%10 YearsTrackerNil