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Short-Term Funding for Property Renovations and Conversions

Property Types for Renovations and Conversions

Barn Conversions
Property Development
Basement Dig-outs
HMO Refurbishment
HMO Conversions
Pre-Planning Acquisition


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The Bridging Finance Solution

Bridging finance can be used to purchase or refinance residential and mixed use property requiring refurbishment.

Property needing repairs and refurbishment before they can be let to tenants can be purchased using bridging finance for a short term turnaround completing the refurbishment in a short space of time to maximise capital gain and rental value.

Bridging finance can be utilised to purchase, or refinance, uninhabitable property needing repairs or refurbishment. It is suitable for most residential property requiring renovation. Improvements to the property might be installing a new kitchen or bathroom and non-structural changes to the layout. Improvements may be necessary to make the property habitable for home buyers purchasing with a mortgage.


Bridging Finance Solution for Refurbishment Details at a Glance

Facilities from £65,000 to £10 million
1st Charge loans
2nd Charge loans
No minimum income
Roll up of interest
Interest only available

Bridging Loan Calculator